Hi, I'm Nicola the founder of Oxford PA.  My business can help you with your admin/PA/concierge needs.

I have over 20 years experience in office administration, PA work, project management and office Health and Safety, working as a Business & Facilities Manager and Customer Services Manager overseeing the running of regional offices and community centres.  

I have a great work ethic, I am very organised, reliable and conscientious.  I love lists and figures and having everything in it's place.

I can help you become more efficient by taking on those time consuming admin tasks and PA duties or just helping share the load of general living these days, where work can be fast paced leaving you little down time.


I have worked with Nicola for over 20 years until recently retiring from a busy office in Oxford. Nicola managed the office, and is one of life’s organisers. If it needs sorting, Nicola will do it – indeed she is likely to have anticipated what’s required, and to have already done it. Whatever “it” may be: from planning an event, to getting people to pull together, to helping customers, to ordering, invoicing and keeping accounts, to managing premises and supplies, to keeping records and filing them properly (irrespective of whether you use new or old technology), to getting your health & safety requirements covered: Nicola is your person. She devours administration of any sort, from the routine (which you never have the time for), to arranging the catering for a royal visit. And it’s all done efficiently, always with a smile, a great sense of customer service, and of a job well done.

David Truesdale MBE

I have a portfolio career which means I can have a number of different projects on the go at one time, multiple clients and sometimes competing priorities. Planning ahead was being overtaken by catching up; filing was a big pile of paperwork in my office. Work was beginning to encroach into my personal time, I was feeling overwhelmed and getting myself in a muddle. I approached Nic to help me when I realised that I had spread myself too thinly. Working with Nic has been great, she has organised me, my diary and given me the space to develop my career. I find her a great sounding board and my ideas are becoming a reality with her keeping on top of what needs to be done. She has organised my diary, invoiced people and is in the process of setting systems up to keep me on track. Everyone needs a Nic in their life!                                                                                                                                                         Helen Carter, Healthcare Advisor