Summer Sizzle

No need to work on the beach anymore.  Contact me to see how I can take your pressures away from email and diary management, event and travel planning and much more.  Have a great holiday knowing that things are ticking over for your return.  

Real Women in Business

This is a training course given by Fiona Brennan-Scott of Bespoken, we had a few weeks of preparation homework via a WhatsApp group before an evening session at The Loyd Lindsay Rooms in Ardington.  We learned about our personalities in business, voice and posture preparation for a speech/presentation/elevator pitch etc, lots of confidence boosting discussion amongst a group of like minded women that love being in business, that just needed a little boost in personal confidence.  I can recommend Fiona and her wealth of knowledge on inspiring business women, useful books and in general a really lovely person to learn from.

Get your invoices up-to-date

No time to get your invoices out? Check what's been paid and chase payments where necessary?  I can manage this for you.  Email me
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Let's work together

Productive meeting with one of my clients @d_empressevoke recently.  Her exciting new project is coming soon.....
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