Is this service for you? Please look at some common queries that may help, if it's not listed then please just contact me.

Your questions answered:

  • Q. What is a Virtual Assistant?
  • A. Someone that provides administrative support to business remotely or personal "daily life" help to individuals (see my list of services)
  • Q. How does it work?
  • A. We discuss your needs and tailor the service to suit (email, telephone or in person).  Think of your daily tasks or special projects and let me know how I can help you.  Write a list of things that can be done remotely/off site to save you money, time or your sanity!  We can then discuss how best to send/receive the work/project.  This can be done electronically by email, in person, via memory stick etc.  I can collect paperwork or files from your location if necessary at a cost of £0.50 per mile to a maximum distance of 25 miles from Abingdon.
  • Q. What are the payment terms?
  • A. Within 14 days of invoice date.
  • Q. Will I have a contract with you?
  • A. You will receive an agreement to sign detailing the rates/hours agreed.  I will produce timesheets evidencing time spent on your task/project.
  • Q. Professional Indemnity - how am I covered?
  • A. I have Professional Indemnity cover to £100,000.00
  • Q. Information Security/Data Protection/Confidentiality - how this works for us
  • A. Businesses that do not decide how personal data is organised are exempt from registering with the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office).  So depending on the work type this can be looked at further if necessary.  Adherence to Data Protection Law is important, please see my Data Protection Policy.