Cash is King

Slipping behind on your invoicing? Let me help you get back on track with your cash flow.

Work Life Balance

Choose the number of hours you need per week/month to help you feel a better balance with my admin/concierge support. Not only for businesses but I can support families with daily life struggles - the weelkly online shop, travel arrangements, event planning, gift buying and so on. Take a look at my website for lots of ways in which I can assist you.

Whats under the surface?

Keeping on top of emails is so important for so many reasons. We all dread that first day back when we open our emails to find 500+. Some of these can be deleted straight away, but who’s got half an hour spare to do this when you have work to get on with, leads to chase, money to chase, meetings, growing your business! Imagine coming back to your inbox ready to go, junk deleted and important email flagged.

I’ve known people avoid that first day back just because of their inbox.

Think of outsourcing this whilst your away to reduce worry and stress and give you peace of mind that whilst you’re away important emails won’t get swallowed up with the thousands on your return

Summer Sizzle

No need to work on the beach anymore.  Contact me to see how I can take your pressures away from email and diary management, event and travel planning and much more.  Have a great holiday knowing that things are ticking over for your return.  

Real Women in Business

This is a training course given by Fiona Brennan-Scott of Bespoken, we had a few weeks of preparation homework via a WhatsApp group before an evening session at The Loyd Lindsay Rooms in Ardington.  We learned about our personalities in business, voice and posture preparation for a speech/presentation/elevator pitch etc, lots of confidence boosting discussion amongst a group of like minded women that love being in business, that just needed a little boost in personal confidence.  I can recommend Fiona and her wealth of knowledge on inspiring business women, useful books and in general a really lovely person to learn from.